Harbingers’ editorial team takes over Washington DC

By Kimberly Yánez

Members of the newsroom gather to test interview equipment at Georgetown University in Washington DC. | Picture by: Kimberly Yánez

Washington DC, July 4 – Members of  the Harbingers’ Magazine Editorial Board alongside their mentors from the Oxford School for the Future of Journalism (OXSFJ) are now in Washington DC to report on US political affairs. This pop-up newsroom is part of the OXSFJ’s summer programme to sharpen its students’ journalistic skills and to challenge them to produce work outside their comfort zone.

The campus of Georgetown University has become their home and place of work for 12 days. As we approach the US presidential election, it is crucial that they immerse themselves into how this country works and get a sense of American people’s attitudes towards the November 5 polls.

Mentors Lucy Martirosyan and Zuzanna Bialecka guided them through the technical and journalistic aspects of street polling. | Picture by: Kimberly Yánez

In the meantime, they will have the chance to report on the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit, called the 2024 Washington Summit, and witness the decisions and discussions being made from this epicentre of power, such as the Supreme Court’s rulings and political party consensus.

With the guidance of their mentors, they are producing insightful stories that represent the views of a generation of young voters and of experts in the field who make a living in the city. And at the same time, the goal is to street poll all over DC to gather testimonials of those who care about the future of their country as well as of foreigners who understand the implications that these elections have over international affairs.

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Street polling exercise at Georgetown University campus. | Picture by: Kimberly Yánez

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