The OXSFJ joins IPSO, elevating standards in student journalism

By Kimberly Yanez

James Richings delivers a workshop on sports journalism | Harbingers’ Magazine Newsroom Oxford 2023

May 6, 2024 – In a significant development for media ethics and journalistic standards, the Oxford School for the Future of Journalism (OXSFJ) has officially joined the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO), effective from April 8, 2024.

This membership marks a pivotal moment for both the institution and our publication, Harbingers’ Magazine, aligning us with the UK’s foremost regulatory body for the press.

The affiliation with IPSO underscores OXSFJ’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of journalism, as dictated by the Editors’ Code of Practice. This code sets the benchmark for ethical reporting, ensuring that all journalistic output is conducted with integrity, accuracy, and fairness.

Sarah Hussain, one of our journalism instructors and Head of Partnerships, shared her insights on this milestone.

“The OXSFJ is so pleased that our students and writers have developed Harbingers’ to what it is now. Their passion, ideas and individual perspectives on matters deserve to be recognised in this way. We hope, like us, that they are honoured to be part of the biggest editorial content regulator in the UK.” Hussain stated.

Hussain further emphasised the role of IPSO in fostering a responsible journalistic environment. “This regulation is our commitment to readers that we aim to uphold the highest standards when it comes to our work, with trust, integrity, accuracy and quality being our mantra. It also shows the confidence we place in our writers and the value of their work, they should take pride in knowing we trust them to uphold industry standards.”

The move to become a member also involves a commitment to adhere to IPSO’s ethical standards. It holds Harbingers’ Magazine – led by our student writers and editors – accountable to the same standards as major newspapers and magazines across the UK. We also know that under this oversight, any breaches of the Editors’ Code could lead to investigations and rulings, ensuring compliance and addressing any grievances.

Additionally, it is this code that is shaping how we teach journalism in every step of our career ladder, as Hussain expressed: “Our writers are very talented and produce quality articles for Harbingers’. We hope that this new milestone will help solidify the importance of their work, and the professional standards we expect them to meet – not only when it comes to producing published work but also in making sure stories are the best they can be for the young people that they aim to represent and inform.”

Our alliance comes at a time when media scrutiny and the demand for transparency in journalism are at an all-time high. In such an environment, we aim to enhance our credibility and to contribute to a broader movement towards more ethical journalism practices.

This development is celebrated not just within the walls of OXSFJ but also among the wider community of readers, contributors, and media watchers who see this as a step forward in responsible journalism. It promises a future where the stories told by our contributors not only inform and inspire but also adhere to the highest ethical standards, making a significant impact one story at a time.

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